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1. Surgical Laser Facility Informational and Document CD Tools

Includes: Specific State Summary, applicable contact information, Copy of Federal ANSI Z136.3 Laser Safety in Healthcare Facilities, Instructional CD for establishing Laser Safety Program in the Surgical Laser Facility, laser safety program documentation templates,  and initial telephone consult as program guide with experienced Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer (CMLSO).
Price: $1,200

This program provides the facility appointed Medical Laser Safety Officer with the step by step process for establishing a compliant medical laser safety office documentation framework that your program should be built on. Key issues that are addressed in this CD tool and consult are:
Medical Laser Safety Officer Documentation Guide for the Surgical Laser Facility
Federal Laser Safety Guidelines Compliance
State Laser Regulations/ Registration/ Fees Compliance
Standard Operating Procedures/ Standing Order Templates
Training Guidelines for Operators and Staff
Quality Assurance Programs
Delegation of Authority and Supervision: Present and Future for Your State
Documentation Requirements
Program Annual Audit Procedures & Template


2. Laser Physics and Safety for the Operating Room (On Line)


On Line Course Access, 1.4 Nursing Contact Hours available, certificates of completion

Price: $95.00 / participant (nursing contact hours) $40.00 (no nursing contact hours)

This on line program meets ANSI, OSHA, AORN, AAAHC and JC training requirements for annual update of surgical staff.  Laser Safety Training is required for All PERIOPERATIVE STAFF working with or around medical laser systems.  This requirement is established by ANSI Z136.3 “Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care Facilities” and enforced by surgical laser credentialing entities and laser safety enforcement groups.

This program provides 1.4 nursing contact hours through the Texas Nurses Association.

The course covers:
Laser and Energy Concepts
Laser Tissue Interaction
Laser Safety Concepts and Practices


3. Medical Laser Operational Course (On Line)

Includes: On Line Course Access to “Medical Laser Operator Course for the Operating Room” 1.9 nursing contact hours.
Price: $95.00/ participant

This innovative course is designed to provide a continuing educational experience to the medical/ surgical healthcare worker that will demonstrate the responsibility of a credentialed laser operator according to federal guidelines and commonly accepted bench mark facilities.

Whether the laser operator is experienced or new to the responsibility of surgical laser operation, this course will provide valuable insight into the laser operator role as well as decrease the time required to train a new laser operator. The Laser Operator Course should be used in conjunction with comprehensive hands on training with specific laser equipment that the operator will be responsible for.

This program provides 1.9 nursing contact hours through the Texas Nurses Association.

The course covers:
Laser and Energy Concepts Review
Medical Laser Safety Review
Class 4 Medical Laser Facility Expectations for Operators
Pre Operative, Intra Operative, Post Operative Behavior and Skills Sets
Special Safety Concerns
FAQs for Medical Laser Operators

All medical surgical laser operators responsible for Class 4 laser operation should receive a didactic laser operator course. This course provides the participant with the knowledge base, behavioral expectations, as well as opportunities to understand the role of the medical surgical laser operator according to the Federal Guidelines, state laser regulations, and AORN Best Practices.

This course should be followed by thorough hands on training for each laser device and delivery system that the participant will be responsible for. Participants should have some prior experience with laser physics or have completed the Laser Physics & Safety Course on this website.

RN Laser Operators (current and in-training status)
Other Laser Operators


4.Surgical Laser Device Training for the Operating Room Laser Staff (Hands On with specific facility devices, On Site & On Line Components)

Include: “Laser Physics & Safety for the Operating Room Staff” (on line) 1.4 nursing credit hours, hands on competency based training (up to 3 devices on site) for laser operators, and access to “Medical Laser Operator Course for the Operating Room” (on line)  1.9 nursing contact hours for a complete documentable laser operator training program designed for the OR.
Price: $1,650 + travel Expenses Laser Physics & Safety & Medical Laser Operator Course for up to 10 participants included.

This program meets ANSI and laser operational Best Practices training requirements for surgical staff and laser operators.  Laser Safety Training is required for All PERIOPERATIVE STAFF working with or around medical laser systems.  Laser Operators should have access to a didactic laser operator training program and are required to have specific training on each device they will be responsible for independently operating.  This hands on course includes equipment introduction, laser device and accessory operation, clinical application, safety protocols, start up, shut down, and basic troubleshooting skills.  This guideline is established by ANSI Z136.3 “Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care Facilities” and is a best practice policy for medical/ surgical laser environments.


5. Medical Laser Safety Officer Training for the Hospital Setting (On Site & On Line Components)

Include: Handouts, 9.0 Nursing Contact Hours (total on line and on site), certificates of completion, access to assigned on line programs “Laser Physics & Safety for the Operating Room”,  “Medical Laser Operator Course”, and on site training component,  “MLSO Concept Applications for the Perioperative Environment.  Facilities will also receive Medical Laser Safety Surgical Laser Program Informational CD, and a facility copy of ANSI Z136.3 Federal Laser Safety Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities.
Price: $2,250 + travel Expenses
Group Price: $895/participant

Each facility owning and/or facilitating the operation of Class 3b and 4 lasers are required to appoint a Laser Safety Officer responsible for developing and maintaining the Laser Safety Program for that facility. This program provides the facility Laser Safety Officer the tools and training to ensure that the appointed MLSO receives the education and training required to safely and effectively function in this position.  The participant will be exposed to the basics of laser physics and safety, energy and power concepts, types of lasers and output modes, internal laser safety audit process, fundamentals of anticipating potential risks and injuries, techniques for limiting these risks and preventing injuries, didactic training on established best practices for the laser operator training behaviors and protocols, and tools to establish a properly documented surgical laser safety program for JC, AAAHC, or other surgical healthcare facility inspection process.  This program includes access to on line courses that cover “OSHA Laser Physics & Safety for the Operating Room”, “Medical Laser Operator Course”, as well as final component presented onsite “MLSO Concept Applications for the Perioperative Environment”

This program provides a total of 9.0 nursing contact hours through the Texas Nurses Association and the North Carolina Nursing Association.


6. Medical Laser Facility Audit and Audit Training

Include: Audit form, follow up report
Price: $2,250 + travel Expenses

Each medical or surgical facility owning or operating Class 3b or 4 lasers are highly recommended to establish and perform a through Laser Facility Safety Audit annually.  The facility Laser Safety Officer is responsible for these tasks.  This program provides a professional audit of your program along, audit form, and suggested follow up and correction to your LSO.  This program is recommended to be offered through planning through the facility Laser Safety Officer so that future audits may be followed up by the facility LSO.


7. ENT Laser Safety Training (On Line)

Include: On Line Program Access, certificate of attendance
Price: $60.00/ participant

Any facility utilizing lasers in or near the airway should provide special equipment and training to all surgical and support staff working with ENT Laser Applications.  This program provides basics in laser physics and safety, ENT laser risk hazards, ENT laser risk assessments, ENT laser risk management, and the importance of a team approach to ENT Laser Safety by combining the knowledge and training of surgical taff member, anesthesia staff, mobile laser providers (if applicable), and ENT surgeons.


8. Holmium Laser Biophysics and Applications (On Line)

Include: On Line Program Access, certificate of attendance
Price: $95.00/ participant

This program is designed for the operating room personnel working with the surgical holmium laser device.  The course covers the unique biophysics and tissue responses associated with this wavelength and the controllable variations that can be adjusted to achieve tissue affects for many surgical specialties.  The course covers myths about the wavelength and how to make appropriate decisions to protect your patient and staff members.

This program provides 1.8 nursing contact hours through the Texas Nurses Association.


9. Optical Surgical Devices: Care and Maintenance of Scopes, Fibers, and MIS instrumentation (On Site)

Include: Program handouts, certificate of attendance
Price: $750 + travel Expenses

Disinfection, sterilization, handling, and maintaining optical devices and small, fine minimally invasive instrumentation can provide challenges to the OR staff as well as Central Sterile Processing.  With proper training, these devices can be maintained for maximum life and most efficient use on the surgical field.  Proper procedures for maintaining reusable laser fiber optic devices can cut costs significantly.


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