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"I wanted to thank you for your assistance in reviewing the information pertaining to ANSI guidelines for class IV laser ownership and operations. Your tutorial was comprehensive and helpful. I also want to thank you for the supplemental data you have compiled regarding some of the legal issues that physicians must consider when operating or working in medical spas. As you know, the regulations pertaining to the use of lasers for medical procedures and particularly in the field of esthetic medicine are often nebulous and leave much room for misinterpretation. Opening a new medical spa in California, I have found it extremely difficult to find good and valid information. The supportive documents that you have provided are some of the most complete that I've seen in over a year's worth of research on the matter. Having worked with the Medical Board of California in reviewing cases for physician's whose licenses have come under review or suspension, I appreciate how important it is to understand not only the exact letter of the law, but the direction in which legislation is moving and forecasting changes that may greatly effect the way we practice. Your documents provide a very concise and objective synopsis of the issues here in California but they also depict the trends for which we all must prepare in operating a safe and successful medical spa. I just wanted to thank you for what I know from personal experience was a significant amount of work. I only wish that I would have had access to the CD sooner so that I could have saved the substantial legal fees for similar research that yielded less information than what you have provided. Thank you. You are running a top notch program." 

- Eric Skoblar MD, UCSD Family Medicine/Sports Medicine

"I have worked with Leslie for many years and had many reps, technicians, RN,s and MA,s trained for various clinical needs over the years. She has a very complete menu of clinical offerings and is extremely thorough and knowledgeabl in so many areas.

My company, HealthMark Medical, Inc, is a company that offers a mobile surgical service in NY,NJ,IL,Tn. and Mo. HealthMark also has endoscopy suites in STL as well as represent several companies as a distributor for certain products designed for the operating room. Given this diverse offering it has been extremely important to have worked with Leslie over the years. Some of the areas that have been most beneficial for us have been OSHA, O.R. Protocol, and various sterility and disinfectant training courses she offers.

I would strongly recommend Southwest Innovative Solutions for any of your clinical training needs." 

- Clyde Hutchinson, President, HealthMark Medical, Inc.

"Each year, our laser operators are required to go through a Medical Laser Safety Officer class to keep up with their training.  We have used a few different companies over the last several years.  But this year, your program was by far the most well–received.   The techs commented that not only was the content fresh and updated, but the presentation kept everyone interested.  In our industry, it is important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the constantly changing standards.  Your class allows us to not only get a refresher on the basics of laser safety, but also to see where the industry is heading in the future.   Thanks for your program and your commitment to work with us throughout the year." 

- Dominic Veraldi, General Manager. MLSO, Mobile Surgical Technologies

"Ms. Leslie Pollard visited my facility in September 2008 to conduct laser operator training for our new holmium laser system.  She provided a wonderful laser safety and physics review for our staff members, most of whom were well experienced and  seasoned laser operators.  The staff liked Leslie’s practical, straightforward approach and felt comfortable asking questions about using the new laser system.  We really appreciated her tips for the care and handling of the reusable fibers we plan to use with our new laser.  We predict a positive experience with this new laser system and are grateful to Ms. Pollard for getting us off to a good start." 

- Karen L. Walsh, BA, BSN, CNOR, CMLSO, Clinical Resource RN-Urology, Gwinnett Medical Center

" You are what I call a true instructor. A laser class is very difficult to digest (all the physics involve), but you made it seem so easy to understand. The methods used were simple, yet effective. Finding innovative ways to put out information for audience understanding is the way to go. It was amazing how the nurses and techs understood the material to include the hands on. Thank you, you were very productive during the training. Hope we get more like you!" 

- Morales-Mateo, CPT

" The course taught by Leslie Pollard was very beneficial. Leslie did an awesome job teaching the things that I really needed to know. The best thing was that she was able to provide me with guidelines, contacts and information specific for my state. In my state I could not have proceeded without her help" 

- Nathan Long M.D. P.A., Cosmetic Procedures Clinic

" We purchased a Convergent Laser last year for lithotripsy and non-surgical correction of ectopic ureters. Use of lasers in veterinary medicine is fairly new and there are few places offering such services. Leslie Pollard came and gave us didactic and hands-on training and we immediately started doing procedures. In the last 4 months or so, I have done several dozen lithotripsy procedures in male and female dogs and cats, as well as non-surgical correction of intramural ectopic ureters. Leslie walked us through the information patiently and with a manner that was calming and reassuring. We felt very capable in forging ahead with the service and I have had cases referred to me from as far away as eastern North Carolina and Florida. Leslie is an outstanding educator; knowledgeable, friendly, and funny. As we expand on the number of clinicians who will utilize the laser, I would have Leslie come back to train them and give us a refresher."

- Joe Bartges, BS, DVM, PhD, DiplACVIM, DiplACVN, Professor of Medicine and Nutrition, University of Tennessee

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