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1. Specific State Rules and Regulations/Specific State Medical Board Report Summary

Includes: Specific state Summary and applicable contact information
Price: $550

Laser and Intense Light (LIL) devices and treatments are subject to numerous state regulations which are changing constantly, frustrating and confusing manufacturers of such devices and providers of services. Many states have increased the level of scrutiny of health and safety issues related to the use of lasers and intense pulsed light devices for cosmetic treatments. New statutes and regulations have been proposed, and task forces have been established to study these issues. Basic laser safety fundamentals for your facility should be based on Federal Laser Safety Guidelines as well as specific State Laser Regulations, occasionally requiring registration and fees, as well as a delegation documentation of the resident Medical Laser Safety Officer and training documentation responsible for each facility associated with medical lasers.

In addition to this evolving situation, state medical boards, professional healthcare boards, and non professional boards are involved in offering rules, regulations, position statements, and other mandatory or pre emptive suggestions to prepare the aesthetic laser practitioner for the trends of regulations to come. State specific rules may require specific training, registration, and documentation process for operators of these Class 3b and Class 4 lasers and Intense Pulse Light Devices. The task of evaluating the large amounts of information and the development of a program right for your business can be daunting.

This report contains researched material that provides the physician office Medical Laser Safety Officer or supervising office physician the contact information and most recent information available on the status of both Federal and state specific rules and regulations pertaining to laser safety. If your lasers or facility should be registered, this report will provide the registration
information. In addition, your report will contain information pertaining to the existence or trends towards state medical board or state health department mandates towards the acceptable delegation of responsibility of laser operators, training and documentation required.


2. Laser Safety Physician Office Informational and Document CD Tools

Includes: Copy of Federal ANSI Z136.3 Laser Safety in Healthcare Facilities, Instructional CD for establishing Laser Safety Program in the Physician Office or Medical Spa Setting, and initial telephone consult as program guide with experienced Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer.
Price: $1,200

This provides the office facility Medical Laser Safety Officer or Physician with the step by step process for establishing the medical laser safety office documentation framework that your program can be built around. Key issues that are addressed are:
Medical Laser Safety Officer & Training/ Documentation (Office or Medical Spa Setting)
Federal Laser Safety Guidelines Compliance
State Laser Regulations/ Registration/ Fees Compliance
Standard Operating Procedures/ Standing Order Templates
Training Guidelines for Operators and Staff
Quality Assurance Programs
Delegation of Authority and Supervision: Present and Future for Your State
Documentation Requirements
Program Annual Audit Procedures


3. Medical Laser Safety Officer Training: Medical Spa (On Line and On Site)

Includes: Handouts, certificate of completion, Specific State Summary, applicable contact information, Copy of Federal ANSI Z136.3 Laser Safety in Healthcare Facilities, hosting state laser regulation and medical board summary, Instructional CD for establishing Laser Safety Program in the Physician Office or Medical Spa Setting. Course work for this program includes on line “OSHA Laser Physics & Safety”, on line “Medical Laser Operator Course”, and on site “Fundamentals for the Medical Laser Safety Officer: Medical Spa”.
Price: $2,250 + travel expenses

This training program includes both on line and on site components and provides the information and background that each Medical Laser Safety Officer appointee and delegate should have in order to establish and maintain the office laser safety program. By including the tools from option 1 & 2, this training program also covers all material recommended by the Federal Training Standard for Medical Laser Safety Officer from ANSI Z136.3. Call for more details how you may access all options for a complete package to have your MLSO and your office safety program documentation system immediately up to the task of establishing a federal and state compliant laser safety program for the physician office or medical spa environment. Some state laser registrations require documentation of MLSO training for the facility to be on state file.


4. OSHA Laser Physics & Safety for the Physician Office or the Medical Spa Setting (On Line)

Includes: On Line Course Access, certificates of completion
Price: $65.00/ participate

This program meets ANSI and OSHA training requirements for surgical staff that have laser operating at the facility. Laser Safety Training is required for All PERIOPERATIVE STAFF working with or around medical laser systems. This requirement is established by ANSI Z136.3 “Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care Facilities” and enforced by OSHA and other state agencies.

Laser and Energy Concepts
Laser Tissue Interaction
Laser Safety Concepts and Practices

5. Medical Laser Facility Audit and Audit Training

Includes: Audit form, follow up report
Price: $2,250 + travel Expenses

Each medical or surgical facility owning or operating Class 3b or 4 lasers are highly recommended to establish and perform a thorough Laser Facility Safety Audit annually. The facility Laser Safety Officer is responsible for these tasks. This program provides a professional audit of your program along, audit form, and suggested follow up and suggestions for your MLSO. This program is recommended to be planned through the facility Medical Laser Safety Officer so that future audits may be followed up by the facility MLSO.


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