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Establishing a medical spa that is competitive and successful requires leadership from an experienced team that allows you to prepare, plan, anticipate, and respond to market opportunities and challenges. JD Aesthetic Business Solutions is committed to client success initially and throughout the growth process.

Medical Laser Dynamics provides an educational component to aesthetic light based clinical applications that is unbiased, easy to understand, science based, and a critical educational component for all aesthetic clinicians currently involved or planning to be involved in this technology, regardless of your level of practice. Aesthetic medicine is truly uncovering ground breaking concepts in photo medicine that will come to play in medical applications in every corner of non invasive and minimally invasive medical applications in the future. Learn the real concepts, choose wisely, and enjoy success with patient outcomes in the future. No hype, just true science and what it means to your practice and patients.

If a laser/ light practitioner could only be involved with one professional organization, ASLMS would be the only choice. If you work with medical lasers in a clinical, research, or business environment and are committed to continuously improving your field, ASLMS is a must!

To obtain laser safety standards or tools of all kinds associated with laser safety in any type of application setting, Laser Institute of America is an invaluable resource. We support LIA, because LIA supports Laser Safety and educational laser practices. Join LIA today!

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